Started in 2017, Get Rid of and Donate is a voluntary community interest project (CIC) working in the boroughs of Lambeth & Southwark. The idea to take unwanted goods and to give it those who need it most.

Our Mission

Get Rid of and Donate is an environmentally focused voluntary community project aiding the reduction of congested landfills by recycling and up up-cycling unwanted goods. With the pressure from EU and UK Government, the reliance of landfill sites cannot continue with the current level. We must take control on a local level and minimise waste in our communities. 

This is where Get Rid of and Donate get’s involved. We take your unwanted goods and give it those who really need it in the local community. Acting as the intermediate means that goods which are unwanted are delivered to those who demand it quickly and efficiently resulting in a reduction in the amount of goods which end up in landfill sites.


Giving unwanted goods to a worthy cause, people in need and people who are having a hard time.
— Andrea Brown, Founder of Get Rid of and Donate